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I believe a re-introduction is in order


I heard this quote a while back. Actually, I heard it a long time ago and it just seems to be a theme in my head as a creative person. It goes, “Show me what someone takes pictures of and I’ll show you what they care about”. I wish I could credit that line to someone, cause it helps me subconsciously everyday.

I occasionally scroll through instagram when my monkey brain wants stimulation and I think about that quote. I’ve come across a lot of things people don’t want to lose.

When I look at my own work and the random things on my phone, it used to be unclear what I was grasping onto. I’d scroll through surreal memes, renaissance paintings, the latest scientific finding that would become mundane, eloquent quotes from people who have been dead forever, uncomfortable questions to ask my friends, and much more seemingly random photographs and screenshots. After a few tiny baby steps toward self-awareness and one too many pre-quarter life crises, I can confidently say I now see a pattern. I am currently confident in my findings and happy to evolve my definition of “thing I don’t want to lose” if I ever need to.

I am embarking on the exciting task of creating profiles for the most creative and interesting people in my life. These artists are one of the images I find in my camera roll. Before I begin, I wanted to introduce myself. Not in my entirety, but where I am at right now. I know I, like many other art consumers, love to get to know the creative behind the work that moves me. I won’t lie and say it’s easy for me to share myself, but I will not be fearful of it. You deserve to know the artists in your life and I deserve a little written therapy.

My next point

That very satisfactory hello brings me here. The present I am living in is rich and overflowing with a somewhat equal amount of learning, growing, finding new ideas, and being completely resistant to all of it. What my camera roll, digital artworks, fine art photography, and endless work that inspires me has taught me is I can define what I don’t want to lose. I have defined the thing I am constantly holding to my side and grasping in the dark for.

There are a few words that I would put in the place of this imaginary object; self-growth, inspiration, creation. Above all, I don’t want to lose connection. That exuberant sensation of having seen through the fog of daily life, endless ‘to dos’, and being forgetful about our passions. There are those moments, when we briefly understand what it feels like for another person to breathe in. In these instances, we are both mammals who somehow stood upright, somehow got way too smart for our devices, and suddenly found ourselves desperately needing each other's unwavering attention. When there is something to learn and also an unspoken, eternal understanding. This is the micro-space I live for. The type of living I don’t want to lose.

What I hope finds me

How fantastic to define a sliver of what gets you out of bed. What is next is somehow creating a life in which these moments can be cultivated and nurtured. Easy enough. No judgment to you if you can’t quite define it yet or you feel it but you’d really like to pay someone to put it into words for you. My second and final semi-useful quote I will give to you is this, “you can do hard things”. I love that one and I’m pretty sure I can credit it to my grandmother.

I can do hard things, so what I am trying is to find and create pieces of work which create moments full of connection for anyone else who craves them. What would make my heart and mind fiercely joyful is if I could do this everyday. What I hope finds me is an opportunity to step toward this vision everyday. Maybe one day I will wake up and realize I don’t remember the last time I did anything that didn’t bring connection, growth, and new expression.

The last thing I hope finds me is anyone who is down to keep this connection ball rolling. Also, anyone who likes to use metaphors more than they use plain language. If you are interested in a very vague, yet specific club, aimed at creating some connection, then hello and welcome. If you enjoy being creative or witnessing creative things, then please stay awhile. I am sure you have a lot to contribute to witnessing and creating connections and I have a lot of work to show you.

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