"I really enjoyed the photo session we had. It was a fun environment and made me feel at ease. I’m not one to love pictures being taken of me because I often don’t like the way I end up looking in them, but this experience was outstanding. I loved the finished product and the techniques used. It was outstanding work and the pictures produced were lovely... so professional about it while still having fun and making us feel at home."

- Alex S. 

"Hannah has done photoshoots for me on multiple occasions and every time has been an absolutely wonderful experience. She is knowledgeable and communicates clearly... while also incorporating the persons’ individual flair and preferences. The photos that I received were far beyond the expectations that I already had."

- Maggie A. 

"Hannah has always been deliberate about the coloring, posing and styling of each photo that you get specific feelings when looking at individual photos. Not only is Hannah able to give viewers different emotions while viewing her photos, but she also incorporates her own writing into many, which gives the viewers another level of intimacy to the experience. I feel that Hannah’s work, though personal to her, is able to resonate with anyone viewing it."

- Emma R. 

"Hannah has a wonderful way of making her subject 'speak' through a still photograph and I deeply enjoy interpreting what each one says. Every piece evokes a distinct emotion... Her poetry alone is moving, and her photos by themselves evoke thought. When these two are combined you have a truly stunning piece of art." 

- Makena S. 

"I felt like I was dealing with someone who completely knew what she was doing and it felt right all the way. It was my pleasure to be a part of it and I look forward to doing it again."

- Belen L.